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Solvent free powerfull stripper for facade paint, safe to use.

DECAMUR is a new developed stripper which is particularly suited to remove paint of facades. In contrast to the most paint strippers, this product is water-based and completely free of solvents. DECAMUR is in such a way safe to use that it can be sprayed airless. The product is likewise to be used inside without any danger. DECAMUR can be used to remove water-based paints and emulsion paints on brick, natural stone, bluestone, marble, concrete, …. Not suitable for mineral paints for example such as lime paint. 

Realisations with this product: Abbey of Affligem


Powerful, fast acting paint stripper for outdoor use, mehtylene chloride free.

DECASTRIP MAX removes layers of paint from wood, stone, metal, etc.  It enables you to strip away coats of paint made from a wide range of ingredients, such as latex, acrylate, oil, cellulose, alkyd, chlorinated rubber, polyurethane and epoxy. DECASTRIP MAX can also be used for removing adhesives, tags and graffiti.


Environmentally safe cleaning product for weathered and dirty exterior walls.

FACONET 20 is a cleaning product principally for the safe cleaning of natural stone , concrete walls and decorative plaster. It has been formulated to clean in a non-aggressive way making FACONET 20 a very suitable product to be used in the cleaning of historic building and art works. Not only will dirt deposits and soot be removed but also typical weathering characteristics such as plaster incrustation can be cleaned without negatively affecting the natural patina. In actual trials to date exceptional results have been obtained on limestone, sandstone, bluestone, marble, concrete, brick, enamelled stone and decorative plaster.  

Realisations with this product: KBC-Tower Antwerp


Water repellent surface product.

GELIFUGE NEW is used to reduce the infiltration of moisture in porous masonry without significantly reducing water vapour permeability. Because of their reduced moisture absorption, the materials become dirty less quickly and any changes caused by acid rain are also limited. GELIFUGE NEW can be applied onto bricks, sand-lime bricks, roof tiles, etc… on the basis that these materials are sufficiently porous. This product is not suitable for application on non-porous surfaces, such as natural blue stone, marble, glazed bricks, etc., or on surfaces covered with organic paint. If applied to natural stone, the product may cause the surface to become darker or discoloured in places. As these effects may not be desirable, we do not recommend that you use this product on natural stone.


Peelable, elastic odorless cleaning paste for exterior.

MONUCLEAN BF 4 NA EXTERIOR is used for dry cleaning of dirt sediments, such as dust, earthy sediments, bird droppings, blackening, dense smoke, soot, etc. The product is also effective against superficial stains of soot and dust that have penetrated into the material through moisture. MONUCLEAN BF 4 NA EXTERIOR is very suitable for outside cleaning of various substrates, such as brick, concrete and cement-bound artificial stone, limestone, sandstone, chalkstone, glazed brick, marble, plaster, paints, plastics, metal, … MONUCLEAN BF 4 NA EXTERIOR is very suitable for industrial cleaning thanks to its high processing efficiency.

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